VxWorks Product Overview

The intelligent edge is rapidly transforming the development of software for highly deterministic, secure, and safe systems. New technologies and modern approaches are taking hold to increase developer productivity while maintaining the rigid requirements of devices and systems that must deliver determinism, high performance, and ultra-reliability.

VxWorks® is the industry’s most trusted and widely deployed real-time operating system (RTOS) for mission- critical embedded systems that must be secure and safe. It delivers a proven, real-time, and deterministic runtime combined with a modern approach to development. Regardless of industry or device type, companies building intelligent edge systems rely on the VxWorks pedigree of security, safety, high performance, and reliability.

ROS 2 for VxWorks Developer Brief
ROS 2 for VxWorks Developer Brief

Use of robotics is growing throughout various sectors, from industrial and medical to warehousing, retail, ...

VxWorks: A Long Love Story with Multi-core
VxWorks: A Long Love Story with Multi-core

While it may seem mundane today to talk about multi-core, it used to be a big deal. Back in the day, all CP...

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