Developing Reliable Medical Devices with Confidence

September 20, 2019


Developing effective, compliant software for medical devices requires a balanced blend of regulatory awareness, proven components, and efficiency of design practices. Wind River® addressed each of these factors in the latest release of VxWorks® Cert Edition. Engineered with medical-grade requirements in mind, VxWorks Cert Edition meets regulatory approval for the IEC 62304 standard, combining strong, built-in security; well-defined software lifecycle processes; and careful attention to the constraints that govern the classification and use of medical devices.

Development teams are keenly aware of the trade-offs involved when dealing with time, cost, and regulatory mandates that affect projects. Building medical devices based on a real-time operating system (RTOS) built by Wind River, a company with long-standing expertise in secure embedded solutions, confers numerous benefits. These benefits have been demonstrated across a diverse portfolio of projects completed to rigorous standards for aerospace, defense, and the medical sector. Having a solid RTOS at the heart of a product’s hardware/software stack removes much of the uncertainty from the design and can streamline updates, improving on prior manual processes. Other benefits include dynamic network device management and enterprise- caliber security provisions. A widespread, supportive ecosystem and industry-wide familiarity with the tools and components of the VxWorks Cert Edition platform gives assurance to device manufacturers that want proven, field-tested technologies.

VxWorks for Aerospace and Defense Solution Brief
VxWorks for Aerospace and Defense Solution Brief

VxWorks Solutions Have Been Used in More than 600 Safety Certification Programs by More than 350 Customers ...

VxWorks Infographic
VxWorks Infographic

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