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VxWorks is the #1 commercially deployed RTOS; a leading provider of safe, secure, and reliable operating systems.

PROVEN in hundreds of safety-critical projects across multiple industries and certification standards in over 560+ safety certification programs with 20 years’ experience in safety certification software products.

  • Avionics DO-178C certifiable to DAL A 
  • Automotive ISO 26262 certifiable to ASIL-D by TÜV 
  • Industrial IEC 61508 Certifiable to SIL3 by TÜV 
  • Medical IEC 62304 Class C Risk Level by TÜV

LEADING PROVIDER of embedded hypervisor to support hard real-time OSes with true multi-core capability.

INDUSTRY-LEADING real-time, deterministic RTOS for safe and secure applications.

  • 7 missions to Mars
  • 50+ deployed space programs
  • 90+ civilian and military aircraft
  • 350+ customers on VxWorks safety platform

BROAD SPECTRUM of embedded processor support: 32-bit, 64-bit, and multi-core capabilities on ARM, Intel, and Power Architecture.

MARKET LEADERSHIP doesn’t just happen. It’s earned.

  • 25+ years in space missions
  • 35+ years in the industrial market
  • 12+ years in the automotive industry
  • 35+ years in the aerospace and defense market
  • 23% market share among commercial RTOS vendors

Learn more about award winning VxWorks at: www.windriver.com/products/vxworks

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