Container Technology Energizes Edge Computing

The security, portability, and agility of container technology complement the proven capabilities of the leading real-time operating system (RTOS), VxWorks®, now available for containerized deployments at the intelligent edge.

As the complexity of applications and their supporting infrastructures create new potential attack vectors for increasingly sophisticated hackers to exploit, containers in embedded systems offer a means to deliver responsive, secure application delivery to the intelligent edge. With these capabilities, aerospace and defense organizations, energy providers, large-scale manufacturers, and medical organizations can take advantage of low-latency, high-bandwidth performance for the most challenging applications.

Intelligent Edge Technologies for Aviation
Intelligent Edge Technologies for Aviation

Strategies to Capitalize on Increasingly Software-Intensive Flight Systems

Container Technology Energizes Edge Computing
Container Technology Energizes Edge Computing

Containers are a modern development and intelligent edge technology tool. Wind River recently launched VxWo...


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