Civil Certification of Multi-core Processing Systems in Commercial Avionics

Many years ago, the first certified civil avionics software systems were monolithic, hosted on single core processors. Collins Aerospace provided industry leadership in developing and certifying a multi-partitioned operating system that allowed multiple functions of varying design assurance levels (DALs) to safely execute on a single processor. This technology is mature and certified in operational service on dozens of aircraft types, including both civil and military aircraft. Today, Collins Aerospace is again providing industry leadership by certifying a multi-core processing platform that robustly executes multiple functions with mixed DAL assignments on multiple cores within a single system-on-chip (SoC) processor.

Software Reuse in Avionics: A FACE Approach
Software Reuse in Avionics: A FACE Approach

This paper sets forth the challenges surrounding the transition to open architecture designs and the positi...

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