Customer Success Videos

Wind River customers share why they have chosen Wind River to help them address their business challenges and achieve their vision.

  • We Start with the Customer1:05

    We Start with the Customer

    For nearly 40 years, leading companies across all major industries have been using Wind River software and services to accelerate digital transformation with the highest levels of safety, security, an

  • Wind River Simics - The Path to DevOps3:43

    Wind River Simics - The Path to DevOps The Wind River engineering team is using its own software, Wind River Simics to enable DevOps and continuous integration/continuous delivery. To achieve CI/

  • Wind River Simics Recognized with Top Innovation Award0:50

    Wind River Simics Recognized with Top Innovation Award

    Wind River Simics is selected as platinum honoree by Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine. Simics helps aerospace developers free themselves from the limits of physical hardware to perform softwa

  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Insight Spacecraft -- Customer Success Video0:34

    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Insight Spacecraft -- Customer Success Video

    NASA’s InSight Spacecraft, powered by VxWorks real-time operating system reached a significant milestone in its journey to Mars. On November 26, 2018, InSight made its 12,300mph descent to the red...

  • Customer Announcement - Ford Motor Company0:57

    Customer Announcement - Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company Selects Wind River Over-the-Air (OTA) Update Technology The Ford Motor Company is using Wind River expertise to deliver differential software technology for OTA Updates. Wind Ri

  • Customer Story - General Electric2:31

    Customer Story - General Electric

    Wes Skeffington, senior principal engineer for the Connected Controls Technology Group at GE Global Research, shares insights into GE's vision for Industrial IoT and how the company is leveraging Wind

  • San Diego State University - Helping University Minds Harness IoT3:16

    San Diego State University - Helping University Minds Harness IoT

    Through the Wind River University Program, Wind River sponsored a senior project at the San Diego State University’s School of Engineering. The team of engineering students harnessed the Internet of

  • Toshiba - Customer Success Video4:54

    Toshiba - Customer Success Video

    Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions partnered with Wind River and Intel to launch their retail-optimized operating system, TCx Sky. Based on Wind River Linux and Intel processor, TCx Sky provides rock s

  • TaxiBot - IAI – Wind River Customer Success4:04

    TaxiBot - IAI – Wind River Customer Success

    Wind River Helps TaxiBot® Pioneer Robotic Airplane-Towing Vehicle Semi-autonomous truck eliminates massive fuel waste, pollution from jets idling on runways. The developers of TaxiBot faced daunting

  • Bolt Motorbikes and San Diego State University3:59

    Bolt Motorbikes and San Diego State University

    Wind River collaborated with Bolt Motorbikes to sponsor a senior project at San Diego State University’s School of Engineering. The team of Electrical and Computer engineering students made the Inter

  • Altiostar – Customer Success Video4:02

    Altiostar – Customer Success Video

    LTE is rapidly becoming the standard of choice for mobile carriers around the world. The reliability of an LTE network hinges on its eNodeBs, the hardware that links the network to the users’ devices.

  • Rockwell Automation – Customer Success Video4:20

    Rockwell Automation – Customer Success Video

    Rockwell Automation, a global provider of industrial power, control, and information systems, has been a Wind River customer since 1999, starting with the company’s adoption of VxWorks® for a single p

  • Group NIRE - IoT - Customer Success Video4:52

    Group NIRE - IoT - Customer Success Video

    Group NIRE is implementing the Intel® IoT Gateway, based on Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT, to securely aggregate, share, and filter data for analysis. The IoT solution will enable the com

  • Emerson -- Customer Success Video2:33

    Emerson -- Customer Success Video

    Emerson's Power & Water Solutions (part of Emerson Process Management) leads the company's business endeavors in the power generation and water/wastewater treatment industries by delivering the most a

  • Schneider Electric -- Customer Success Video2:43

    Schneider Electric -- Customer Success Video

    Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management in more than 100 countries. The company offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including utilities and infrastruct

  • Bosch Rexroth -- Customer Success Video2:06

    Bosch Rexroth -- Customer Success Video

    Wind River® helps Bosch Rexroth address challenges with both product longevity and incorporating new technology requirements driven by the merging of industrial automation with the IT world. To bring

  • Daikin - IoT - Customer Success Video3:48

    Daikin - IoT - Customer Success Video

    Daikin Applied, the world's largest HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) company, is capitalizing on the opportunities of the Internet of Things by using the intelligent gateway solution from

  • AgustaWestland Project Zero -- Customer Success Video3:02

    AgustaWestland Project Zero -- Customer Success Video

    Project Zero is an unmanned, all-electric tiltrotor aircraft designed by AgustaWestland that hovers like a helicopter and converts to a fixed-wing aircraft in forward flight. The project offers a look

  • Clarion AX1- Customer Success Video1:53

    Clarion AX1- Customer Success Video

    Clarion Malaysia, a leading manufacturer of high-performance in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, turned to Wind River® to help build AX1, their new customized Android-based automotive IVI system. W

  • NASA IV&V -- Customer Success Video3:33

    NASA IV&V -- Customer Success Video

    See how NASA IV&V relies on Wind River® Simics to help power its GO-SIM project, which provides every developer, tester, and system engineer with a high fidelity, fully operational spacecraft simulato

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